About Us

Over 75 Years

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Diamond is a common and contract carrier serving the U.S. and Canada.

We are a 100% Owner Operator Company with a Fortune 500 customer base.

Transportation of Agricultural and Construction Equipment along with various types of Machinery is what Diamond does best. Diamond specializes in legal and over dimensional loads utilizing step decks, double drops, RGN trailers and flatbeds.

Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Jenkins founded Diamond

Transportation System, Inc., which became a pioneer in the transportation of farm machinery and tractors. L. R. Jenkins followed in his father’s footsteps by getting involved in the transportation industry. Jenkins began by hauling stone and cement aggregate to road construction sites in the early 1920’s. Jenkins began hauling piling logs for the locks and dams on the Mississippi River in the early 1930’s and then in the late 1930’s he began in the automobile industry.

Through his work hauling for the automobile industry, L. R. Jenkins was able to anticipate the same type of need for hauling farm equipment. He was convinced that the tractors could be delivered to dealers in the same manner as the automobiles were transported. Jenkins became acquainted with the people at Allis-Chalmers and began working closely with them on the development of a trailer that could haul tractors. The first load was handled in late 1939.

Jenkins hauled tractors for Allis-Chalmers Company in Milwaukee, WI under the name of Tractor Transport. Restrictions were imposed on production of tractors during World War II so the transportation of tractors was interrupted. During the war L. R. and Valeria Jenkins (his wife) ran a bus service to the Ordinance Facilities in Wisconsin and Illinois.

In 1943, Jenkins purchased Schamel-Anderson Lines which became Diamond Transportation System. Schamel-Anderson had been in existence since 1929 hauling tractors and machinery. Diamond, then an unincorporated company, expanded to Warren, IL, Charles City, IA and Franksville, WI. In those cities Diamond handled freight for Oliver Tractors, Case Co., Massey-Harris and Belle City Manufacturing.

It was 1949 when Diamond Transportation System finally became incorporated. In the following years Diamond enjoyed many successes, but in 1952 a steel strike created problems and resulted in temporarily halting the trucking operation. L. R. Jenkins kept his fleet busy by hauling army surplus from Duluth, MN to Aurora, IL and a number of other shipping points during this period. At that time Diamond was operating in only a 10 state area. In 1953, Diamond obtained operating authority to operate in the 48 states.

Today, Diamond Transportation System, Inc. provides service to its’ customers throughout the United States and all of Canada as one of the leading specialized carriers in the country. Diamond is still family owned by the widows of two of L. R. and Valeria Jenkins’ sons, Richard and Harvey Jenkins. Richard (Buck) and Harvey worked in the company from 1953 and 1964, to 2007 and 2009 respectively when they passed away.

Diamond maintains a strong working relationship with the Case Corporation now CNHi as one of its’ leading carriers of farm tractors. Over the years, Diamond has expanded to include John Deere, Caterpillar, Agco, and Government just to name a few, along with being a 100% Owner Operator Company. Our dedication to our customers and our contractors will carry us well into the future.