Omnitracs Printers

Omnitracs supports a number of printers by default, and we at Diamond have two models that we use. Both models are unofficially supported, but they help keep the cost down. You must have a power inverter in your truck to use either option. Owner operators are responsible for their care and ink replacement.

Each model printer can be used with your personal devices (pending compatibility) via USB. The HP LaserJet P1102W does also have WiFi capability, but requires a USB configuration for use with Omnitracs.

Canon IP2702 Inkjet

The first model we offer is the Canon IP2702. It is an off-the-shelf inkjet printer. We offer the printer itself at no extra charge. New stock is limited, but we have used available at any time.



HP P1102W LaserJet

The HP P1102W is a more robust product. It is much faster and less expensive in the long run, in that it uses toner instead of ink. Toner does not dry up if unused, and is much more durable in the heat or cold. The printer itself is rated for 30 pages per minute.

This printer is available for purchase through Diamond for $165.00, and you then own this printer. The one stipulation is that it requires a minimum 400 watt inverter to power up.